Hi, I’m Phil E. Taylor

I am a introverted, neurodivergent geek, specialising in Full Stack, DevOps & PHP Software Development as well as Online SaaS and Server Security.

Online, I’m mostly known for my involvement with a product called Joomla, Joomla security & Joomla services

I have also been a long-term (20 years) Open Source Contributor to some major projects like Joomla, WordPress, Symfony and even the curl project + many others...

Code I have written is literally in use on a non-insignificant percentage of all sites on the Internet, crazy!

I'm a father to Lela-Mintaka and also a fully qualified Commercial Aircraft Pilot, Certified Flying Instructor and airplane owner, I also hold several Advanced Commercial Powerboat Certifications.

I’m the founder and developer of the multiple award winning Joomla/WordPress servicemySites.guru

You can contact me by email, download my SSH Key or GPG Key or get fixed fee fixes for your Joomla/WordPress issues