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Blue Flame Forms Beta – Now available

Please note, this is an archive post, it was originally posted on February 26, 2009 and is archived here for now. The information is probably well out of date and you should not rely on it!

Now Available For Existing Customers Only

The long awaited beta version of bfForms, the next generation forms extension

I am pleased to announce the beta program for the next version of our forms application.

Firstly, we are rebranding Joomla Forms to become Blue Flame Forms (bfForms). This is primarily because of the trademark of the word Joomla! in certain countries.

As already blogged, I’m on holiday next week, and so I wanted to leave something for you to play with while I am away.

There have been some huge changes to bfForms since the last version back in June 2008, and therefore I want to run a beta before replacing the current version.

To get access to the beta, you need to be an existing Joomla Forms/bfForms customer, login to and you will see a new download available called “ Blue Flame Forms (bfForms) BETA – NOT FOR USE ON LIVE SITES” (just to ram home the message that this is a beta and should not be used on live sites!)

For the week long beta we invite ALL FEEDBACK relating to bfForms Beta Version to be EMAILED ONLY to the dedicated email address – you most probably will not get a reply, I’m on holiday and only working 1 hour a day, but be assured we will read your emails.  To log bug reports please also use this method. We will attempt to fix bugs asap on our return from holiday and release as soon as we can after that.

****NO Help or Support will be available for the beta until it is released as stable.****

Sing with me:

This is a beta and should not be used on live sites!.
This is a beta and should not be used on live sites!.
This is a beta and should not be used on live sites!.
This is a beta and should not be used on live sites!

Please also read the following blog posts as they also contain very important information:

This PRE RELEASE of the beta version is only available to EXISTING CUSTOMERS of Joomla Forms.

To download, go to, login to your account and you will see the new item in your purchases, you can download from there.


If you are running an older version of Joomla forms, uninstall it (The forms and data are not deleted) and then install bfForms Beta and follow the prompts, your database schema will be automatically upgraded.

A list of known issues will be posted here:

Thanks for taking this for a test drive – be sure to provide feedback – remember this is a BETA and not meant for live site use :-)