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About Phil Taylor

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Who is Phil Taylor…

Dont ask me, I’m still trying to figure it out myself!

There are not many things harder in life, than writing a bit about yourself. Glossing over the past 30 years, today I can be classed as a PHP Developer (as a living), a keen sailor (for fun!) and a certified aircraft pilot (For the adventure and challenge).I have been involved with Joomla (and its root product, Mambo) since the very beginning, in many roles from core developer, bug fixer, user and most importantly 3rd party extension developer.  I have had the privilege of releasing many extensions to Joomla and can see these on thousands of websites, big and small,


  • A professional and industry recognised Joomla Expert
  • Zend certified PHP 5 engineer
  • Commercial experience managing Linux servers
  • Experienced in High Availability Transactional PHP
  • PHP Application Security Expert
  • Fully insured Contractor/Consultant available for hire
  • Direct, relevant, hands on experience at all levels of PHP/MySQL Web Application Development

Previous Exciting Projects…

Since 2001 I have served over approx 13,000* customers worldwide, ranging from single purchases of my Joomla Extensions, to 6 month onsite consultancy contracts. Below are just a few highlighted example of my contract based work.

Comic Relief – Red Nose Day 2011

Working on the development of high availability, large scale, high demand web applications for the Red Nose Day 2011 Campaign. Developing Drupal modules, Webservices over SOAP with Zend Framework and donation/payment platforms. Fantastic exposure to huge scaleable infrastructure to cope with massive demand on campaign night.


Working on developing the new community site, which was a community network site for (2006 – 2008). Developing a directory that listed community 3rd party add-ons using Mambo and bespoke directory PHP application. Developing new global language cookies and site dynamic language switching. Working in Estonia & London.


Head hunted for my guru Joomla skills to provide Joomla consultancy and development on massive Joomla implementation for large UK Plc Company. Integration of Google Mini, Developing new Case Studies and Press Releases extensions, I also designed and implemented the Joomla architecture and consulted on the security of this large site ensuring great SEF, W3C AA Compliance.


Working in a small team to re-factor spaghetti code of previous unsuccessful developers and develop new online tools such as a Meeting Room Booking system, People Finder Application and Custom Video app. Delivered two intranets, with new tools on time and on budget. Trained other team members to a higher level and introduced test driven methodologies to the still young team.

Bruton Knowles

Commercial and Retail Property Estate Agents. Integration of Joomla based database of properties with worldwide commercial property agency via SOAP & Other XML APIs. Providing logging and synchronising between two different property websites


Provided onsite Joomla Consultancy over several weeks, and bespoke Joomla/PHP Knowledgebase application development for company intranet, which then became an interactive live KB deployed by CDROM to engineers in the field replace large folders of reference materials.

Season Ticket Finance/Zebra Finance

Developed the main website that is used by football fans nationwide to apply for loans to fund their clubs season ticket. Built using Joomla!, the loan application process is streamlined, and site dynamic to adjust to take on the look and feel of selected club. Process is fully integrated to the credit scoring and decision API using remote SOAP calls.

Learning and Skills Improvement Service

Developed two portal sites to be linked to the Government Learning Excellence Gateway to assist teachers and learning providers. The tools offer curriculum material of broadcast quality from major public service broadcasters, such as Teachers TV, Channel 4 and MoLeTV, together with themed guidance documents, enabling users to make the most of this material for teaching and learning


Take existing legacy PHP4 SOAP API Framework and refactor to an Object Orientated PHP5 framework. Create a Single Sign On addon for Joomla to interface with the main Betfair customer database API used by thousands of 3rd Party Betfair developers worldwide now and is part of the main Betfair Developers Program platform globally.

Countryside Alliance

Over the years we have undertaken many PHP based projects that have ended up on the live website. Tools such as Membership Processing, HSBC Payment Interfaces, Trade Directory Applications, Integration, Donations API and Find My Nearest directories etc. I also control the management of their complete web hosting linux server environment.

Independent Book Supplies

Undertook to rescue a project that was short of time. Developed complete stock allocation system/workflow for Regional Allocation from HQ & Manager Allocation to customers of stock within a Magento store. Complete with backend admin and Manager consoles and frontend validation/purchase rules. Delivered within the incredibly tight 3-week deadline on time and on budget.


I was commissioned by Devshed to take the current Mambo code (not yet released at that time) and fork it to become the new DevShed CMS on which, even today, they base their high profile, high traffic websites upon. Full integration with their advertising and statistics API’s and extra implementation across multiple servers. This was one of the first ever large implementations of Mambo Open Source!

My work is featured in the following publications

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