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Using Google to check if sites are blacklisted

We have all seen Google mark websites as “This site may compromise your computer” when it detects a website has been infected with a hack or malware, well this is called the “Safebrowsing list” (Ironically as the sites on it are less than safe to browse!)

You can use PHP and a Google API to tap into this wealth of information, and along with the Zend framework and some code I knocked together you can query this huge database of sites very easily.

I have published the code over on GitHub at:

Its simple to use (once you have Zend bootstrapped) with an example such as:

$google = new Bf_Google_Safebrowsing ( array ('apikey' => 'YOUR API KEY' ) );
if (TRUE == $google->isListed ( '' )) {
 // Dang! Why is that listed!

If its useful to you then great, I dont think many people will be using it daily, but its a handy bit of code to have in our tool chest.

Announcing the all new

We are pleased to announce this bank holiday weekend the immediate availability of our new download and service site at

We have served from the domain for several years now the downloads that you purchase from us, and we are in the process of releasing some amazing new services and products that will rely on the new foundation that we set today.  Don’t worry you dont need to re-register, just login with your existing myJoomla login details! :-)

Geeks amongst you will notice that the new site is NOT running Joomla! which might shock some of you – however, being a Zend Certified PHP5 Developer I thought it was time to harness the power and flexibility of the Zend Framework and so built the whole new site in Zend Framework 1.8 :-) – your current resource for downloads of purchased products, and invoices, – and soon to become a whole lot more powerful – watch blog for more details soon…

(Everything at is conducted over SSL, however we will soon be replacing the standard SSL certificate with a brand new EV SSL Certificte (
To give the “green bar”) just like our contact page :-) )

Easy Regex Programming for Joomla Developers

ok the title of this blog post is an oximoron :-)

I read a blog post on another Joomla related site today regarding easy regex’ing and I wanted to share a couple more links that I personally use while developing – and I actually DO use these myself.

This is the first one:

And the second is a plugin for the Eclipse Development platform, I use it in Zend Studio for Eclipse

Phil Taylor Passes Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer Certification

What a day!

Today, I sat the Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer Certification exam AND PASSED!

This is my first PHP industry qualification (I don’t think there are many PHP certifications apart from the Zend ones!) and now makes me the ONLY Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK!

What does this mean for you? Well it is a certification that puts me apart from other developers and shows the level and commitment I have taken in learning PHP 5 and in applying that knowledge in real word situations. As far as I know, no other Joomla Extension Developer has obtained this grade. (I may be wrong!)

More details about the Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer Certification can be found on the website.

Although my name has not yet been added to their yellow pages, you can authenticate my certification by clicking here (Pearson Vue) and entering:

  • Registration Number 225168069
  • Validation Number 1329096747

I just want to acknowledge someone here.  Andrew Eddie!, the original lead developer on an old project called Mambo – without him, his encouragement, his example, his code, I would never have got into PHP and would never be where I am today.  Thank you AndrewBitwise Operators (aka Masks in Mambo 4.5)  are part of the Exam!!!!!

A Tool We Cannot Live Without ! FireBug!

Many times I am asked what one tool do I use in developing PHP Applications that I cannot do without.  Up until recently I would answer and say the Zend studio is by indespensible application.

However Zend now has a rival for my top spot!  Bring on FIREBUG!

Firebug is a Firefox Extension for Web developers – I cannot even start to list the features, but the best feature must be the spying on AJAX calls and their responses! We cannot live without this, how did we ever develop applications without it!?

I have been using Firebug for a while now, but today I installed the Beta version – and was completely blown away! This is not a firefox extension for web users, but for we developers – I simply cannot say enough good things about it!

Check out Firebug Beta at:

Debugger compile handler overriden, cannot continue

Sometimes you come across a problem so horrid that even google search only results in one link that talks about the problem.  This post is titled Debugger compile handler overriden, cannot continue in the hope that google will index this post so other people having this error message of “Debugger compile handler overriden, cannot continue” will find this page and find the solution that has taken me over 2 hours to fix.

The problem:

When running Zend Studio Client and Zend Studio Server on the same windows PC and trying to install ionCube loaders as a Zend Extension you get the message “Debugger compile handler overriden, cannot continue” when trying to load a page.  (This relates to Joomla as SEF advance needs ionCube and I need Zend Studio debugger to debug sites I am developing)

The Solution

To get rid of the error message “Debugger compile handler overriden, cannot continue” you need to edit the php.ini file. For zend that is normally in C:\Program Files\Zend\ZendStudioServer-5.1.0\etc\php.ini

In that file remove the line:


and restart apache – bingo! problem solved.

If this post has helped you please let me know using the comments section below.